september 12, 2011

You're too young to know what love is.

Why do you think that? Because im a teenager? because i'm young? I know exactly what love is TO ME. It's being happy whenever you're with someone. It's smiling when your hear their voice. It's laughing constantly at their jokes. No matter how bad they are. It's wanting to see that person 24/7 and never getting tired of it. It's having fath in everyting that may be broken. It's having faith in each other. It's being honest. It's holding hands, in public. It's being open with each other. it's about pespecting the morals of each other. It's about giving, not getting. It's about truth, courage, passion and heart. It's speding just a few more minutes with that person between class, even it if makes you late. Because being away from him for an hour kills for some reason, that you can never really explain. It's looking past their flaws. It's making them beautiful. It's being blind to their mistakes, and caring about their charactor. It's much more that looks. It's much more the physicality. It's about everything you ever feel for something. Just because i'm young, doesn't mean I don't understand love. I'd give anything to make him happy. I know how I feel.  

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